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TORUS 2018

The many faces of the AGN obscuration

Puerto Varas, Chile
10-14 December 2018

Abstract Submission
Code of Conduct

Conference Programme

The five-day conference is split into several sessions dealing with the following key topics:

  • Structure and composition,
  • Reprocessing and variability,
  • Evolution and parameter space,
  • Dynamics,
  • The torus in its surroundings

There will be facilitated discussion rounds at the end of each day. A pdf version of the abstract booklet is available here.

The conference poll can be found here.

Below follows the programme for the conference. At this stage we do not expect any significant changes to the programme any more.

Sunday, 9. December
Time Duration Event  
18:00 60 min  Registration
19:00 120 min  Open drink
21:00 End of day
Monday, 10. December
S&C: Structure and composition
Time Duration Chair Speaker Title
09:00 5 min 
A. Laor
Chairs Opening
09:05 30 min  J. Krolik The many faces of the torus
09:35 30 min  C. Ricci Review: Structure & Composition Nuclear obscuration in AGN: an X-ray perspective
10:05 20 min  S. Hönig Hot, cool, dark and bright: The various shades of dust around AGN
10:25 25 min  Posters (Agís González, Dall'Agnol de Oliveira, Kawamuro, Leftley, Lopez-Rodriguez, Rouan, Wildy) Structure and composition
10:50 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
T. Storchi-Bergmann
11:20 20 min  D. Asmus On the importance of polar dust in AGN
11:40 20 min  A. Prieto The central parsec of the nearest AGN: challenges to the torus
12:00 20 min  M. Kishimoto The three dimensional distribution of AGN gas clouds at 1-100 pc scales
12:20 20 min  S. Sawada-Satoh High resolution imaging of the molecular torus in NGC 1052 with VLBI
12:40 110 min  LUNCH BREAK
D. Asmus
14:30 25 min  J. Dexter The Resolved Size and Structure of Hot Dust in AGN
14:55 25 min  E. Sturm Spatially resolved ordered rotation of a quasar broad line region - measuring sub-parsec structures around AGN with GRAVITY on the VLTI
15:20 20 min  M. R. Stock Spectro-Interferometric Signatures of the Broad Line Regions in Active Galactic Nuclei
15:40 20 min  A. Laor A very compact torus
16:00 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
16:30 20 min 
S. Sawada-Satoh
T. Waters The characteristic sizes of individual broad and narrow line region clouds
16:50 20 min  F. Bauer Ubiquitous Extended Fe K-alpha emission in AGN
17:10 20 min  J. Buchner Geometry of the X-ray obscurer
17:30 20 min  G. Fabbiano Hard Continuum and Fluorescent Iron Emission Beyond the Torus
17:50 50 min  C. Ramos Almeida & S. Garcia Burillo Discussion: Structure and composition
18:40 End of day
Tuesday, 11. December
R&V: Reprocessing & variability
Time Duration Chair Speaker Title
09:00 25 min 
M. Ward
B. Vollmer Models of thick turbulent gas disks with magnetocentrifugal winds in AGN and their application to Circinus and NGC 1068
09:25 25 min  M. Stalevski Towards a new paradigm of dust structure in AGN: Dissecting the mid-IR emission of Circinus galaxy
09:50 20 min  C. Andonie Reconciling X-ray and IR observations of the Circinus Galaxy
10:10 20 min  M. Schartmann The effect of circum-nuclear discs on the central gas and dust distribution
10:30 20 min  R. Nikutta Hypercat - Hypercube of AGN tori
10:50 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
11:20 30 min 
S. Mateos
S. Lamassa Review: Reprocessing & Variability
11:50 25 min  T. Almeyda Reverberation mapping the nuclear dust emission in AGN from modeling to large surveys
12:15 20 min  P. Sánchez-Saez Characterization of AGN variability in the optical and near infrared regimes
12:35 10 min  Posters (Esparza Arredondo, Tanimoto / Bennert, De Cicco, Guise, Carraro) Reprocessing & Variability
12:45 105 min  LUNCH BREAK
14:30 20 min 
M. Stalevski
J. Lyu Demystifying the diverse IR Continuum SED Shapes among Type-1 AGNs
14:50 20 min  J. Esser Shape variations of Broad Emission Lines as probes of the inner structure of AGN
15:10 20 min  M. Ward The Inner Torus/BLR "Disconnection"
15:30 20 min  M. Kokubo Rapid Reformation of the Innermost Dust Distribution in the Changing-Look AGN Mrk 590
15:50 20 min  S. Mattila A tidal disruption event in Arp 299 with much of its emission reradiated at infrared wavelengths
16:10 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
16:40 20 min 
T. Almeyda
D. Hutsemekers Insight on quasar changing-look physics from optical polarimetry
17:00 20 min  B. Boulderstone The Dust Sublimation Region in Nearby AGN
17:20 20 min  N. Osorio-Clavijo X-ray multi-epoch variability of the Low-Luminosity AGN NGC 1052
17:40 20 min  A. Zaino Investigating the nature and geometry of NGC 1068 through NuSTAR observations and future X-ray polarimetry
18:00 45 min  P. Arévalo & M. Kishimoto Discussion: Reprocessing & variability
18:45 End of day
Wednesday, 12. December
SUR: Torus in its surrounding
Time Duration Chair Speaker Title
09:00 30 min 
A. Prieto
T. Storchi-Bergmann Review: The torus in its surroundings
09:30 20 min  L. Burtscher The star formation -- AGN link on 100 pc scales: Stellar populations in the nuclei of ultra hard X-ray selected AGNs
09:50 20 min  D. Lutz BAT AGN prefer circumnuclear star formation
10:10 20 min  R. Riffel Does star formation play a decisive role in active galactic nuclei fueling?
10:30 20 min  Posters (Adhikari, Aydar, Azadi, Cassanta, Fuller, Kamali, Lopez-Rodriguez) Torus in its surrounding
10:50 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
11:20 25 min 
J. Gallimore
R. Morganti The complex nuclear regions of young radio galaxies
11:45 20 min  R. Pfeifle Obscuration Beyond the Torus: Assessing AGN Environments and Obscuration as a Function of Merger Stage
12:05 20 min  C. Carroll An extreme population of heavily buried AGN: Identification and host galaxy characteristics
12:25 30 min  N. Levenson & L. Burtscher Discussion: Torus in its surroundings
12:55 95 min  LUNCH BREAK
14:30   Free Afternoon
Thursday, 13. December
DYN: Dynamics
Time Duration Chair Speaker Title
09:00 30 min 
T. Izumi
J. Gallimore Review: Torus Dynamics
09:30 25 min  J. Braatz Water Megamasers
09:55 25 min  S. Kameno A radio absorption study of AGN tori
10:20 20 min  A. Alonso-Herrero The dusty molecular torus of Seyfert galaxies is full of surprises
10:40 10 min  Posters (Bianchin, Brum, Carpes, Ilha, Venanzi) Dynamics
10:50 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
11:20 25 min 
A. Constantin
S. Garcia-Burillo The many 'faces' of the molecular torus of NGC1068
11:45 20 min  M. Imanishi ALMA reveals a rotating dense molecular torus in NGC 1068
12:05 20 min  V. Impellizzeri The counter rotating molecular torus in NGC1068
12:25 20 min  A. Audibert NUclei of GAlaxies (NUGA) resolved by ALMA
12:45 105 min  LUNCH BREAK
14:30 25 min 
J. Braatz
K. Wada Dynamical pictures of tori and the multi-phase ISM
14:55 20 min  T. Izumi Circumnuclear Multi-phase Gas in the Circinus Galaxy Revealed with ALMA
15:15 20 min  K. Tristram The compact molecular torus in the Circinus galaxy constrained by ALMA
15:35 25 min  C.-H. Chan A new dynamical model of AGN tori
16:00 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
16:30 25 min 
M. Imanishi
A. Dorodnitsyn Hydrodynamical models of obscuring accretion disks and winds
16:55 20 min  D. Williamson Radiative hydrodynamics of dust and gas in the torus
17:15 20 min  D. Angles-Alcazar Simulating nuclear fueling in realistic environments
17:35 20 min  E. Treister Molecular Gas in the Nuclear Regions of Nearby Dual AGN
17:55 40 min  A. Alonso Herrero & S. Hönig Discussion: Dynamics
18:35 End of discussion
20:00     Conference Dinner Hotel Cabaña del Lago
Friday, 14. December
E&P: Evolution & Parameter Space
Time Duration Chair Speaker Title
09:00 30 min 
R. Morganti
C. Ramos Almeida Review: Nuclear obscuration properties in AGN
09:30 25 min  M. Baloković Constraints on the Properties of the Torus from the NuSTAR Survey of Nearby Obscured AGN
09:55 20 min  P. Boorman Resolving X-ray Obscuration Biases with Isotropic AGN Selection -- First Results from the NuLANDS Legacy Survey
10:15 20 min  L. Lanz Reflection and Reprocessing in Swift/BAT AGN: Evidence of a Broad Range of Covering Fractions?
10:35 15 min  Posters (F. Ricci, Vecchi Ricci, Diaz, Diaz Santos, Yan, Lyu, Walter, Sobolewska) Evolution & Parameter Space
10:50 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
11:20 20 min 
C. Ricci
M. Elvis The Effect of Extended Hard X-ray Emission on AGN Torus Parameters
11:40 25 min  S. Mateos Covering fraction of the obscuring material around AGN
12:05 20 min  A. Constantin Probing the Nature of the Obscuring Torus via Megamaser Activity
12:25 20 min  K. Ichikawa BASS Survey: The Covering Factor of Dust and Gas in Swift/BAT AGN
12:45 105 min  LUNCH BREAK
14:30 20 min 
G. Fabbiano
N. Levenson Opportunities with the James Webb Space Telescope
14:50 25 min  W. Jaffe / V. Gamez What optical long-baseline interferometry can do for you
15:15 20 min  L. Burtscher ELT/METIS and the torus
15:35 20 min  R. Morganti Opportunities for torus observations with the SKA and other new radio facilities
15:55 40 min    S. La Massa & C. Packham Discussion: Evolution & Parameter Space & Future
16:35 30 min  COFFEE BREAK
17:05 30 min 
V. Impellizzeri
R. Davies A conference summary: is our changing look now only partially obscured?
17:35 5 min  Chairs
17:40 End of day
T. P. Adhikari What causes the ILR emission in AGN?
B. Agís González TRUE2: unveiling the nature of true Seyfert 2 candidates through optical polarimetry
C. Aydar Diagnostic Diagrams for galactic nuclei: an alternative approach
M. Azadi The relation between active galactic nuclei obscuration and their host galaxies physical properties
V. Bennert Calibrating the BH mass-stellar-velocity dispersion relation with spatially-resolved kinematics of reverberation-mapped AGNs
M. Bianchin The molecular and ionized gas kinematics in a sample of Seyfert galaxies
C. Brum A close look at the dwarf AGN of NGC4395: optical and near-IR integral field spectroscopy
H. Carpes Dissecting OH Megamaser Galaxies: the case of IRAS23199+0123 and IRAS03056+2034
R. Carraro Mapping the torus with NIR and optical variability
C. Cassanta Gemini IFU observations of the OH Megamaser Galaxy IRAS 11506-3851
B. Dall'Agnol de Oliveira GMOS-IFU observations of bi-polar ionization cones in z~0.3 QSO2s
D. De Cicco Optically variable active galactic nuclei in the 3 yr VST survey of the COSMOS field
Y. Diaz The existence of the dusty torus in NGC 3718
T. Diaz Santos ALMA Reveals the Dynamics of Hot Dust-Obscured Galaxies and the Most Luminous Galaxy Known
D. Esparza Arredondo Estimation of the physical parameters of the torus using a mid-IR and X-ray simultaneous spectral fitting.
L. Fuller SOFIA/FORCAST Resolves 30 - 40 micron Extended Dust Emission in Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei
E. Guise Dust reverberation mapping in the ESO Public Survey VEILS
G. Ilha The first 62 AGN observed with SDSS-IV MaNGA – III: stellar and gas kinematics
F. Kamali Radio continuum of active galaxies with water megamaser disks
T. Kawamuro Suzaku Observations of Moderately Obscured (Compton-thin) Active Galactic Nuclei Selected by Swift/BAT Hard X-ray Survey
J. Leftley Polar Dust in AGN: The case of ESO 323-G77
E. Lopez-Rodriguez The origin of the mid- and far-infrared polarization of the torus in active galaxies
E. Lopez-Rodriguez The dust and cloud distribution of the torus of NGC 1068
F. Ricci The BH-host coevolution in local hard X-ray selected type 2 AGN
D. Rouan Stellar and dusty cusp at the heart of NGC1068
M. Sobolewska Obscuring torus in the youngest radio galaxies
J. Steiner The DIVING3D Project – Deep IFS View of Nuclei of Galaxies
A. Tanimoto X-Ray Spectral Model from Clumpy Torus and Its Application to Circinus Galaxy
T. Vecchi Ricci The DIVING3D project: analysis of the nuclear region of Early-type Galaxies.
M. Venanzi Optical and infrared radiation pressure on dust and gas around AGN as drivers of dusty winds
R. Walter 3d radiation pressure on dust and gas around AGN as drivers of dusty winds
C. Wildy The effect of inclination on lobe-dominated quasar observations
W. Yan Extremely Heavily Obscured Quasars in Reddened Host Galaxies
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