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TORUS 2018

The many faces of the AGN obscuration

Puerto Varas, Chile
10-14 December 2018

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Osorno Lake and Volcano.


Puerto Varas is the gateway to the Chilean and Argentinian world-famous Patagonia region. There are innumerable attractions nearby, such as hot springs and skiing. For sports enthusiasts, Puerto Varas is a true paradise for fly fishing, mountain climbing, skiing, golf, water sports, horseback riding, among others. A map of the region, including the tours locations, can be found here.

Wednesday (December 12, 2018) Afternoon

On the Wednesday of the conference (December 12, 2018), we will have the afternoon free for social activities and tourism. We compiled a list of proposed activities that the conference organization is coordinating. The duration of each activity is 4-5 hours departing at 3pm from the Hotel Cumbres. The conference organization will take care of making the arrangements (please do not make your own booking).

Horseback Riding+Trekking:

A variety of options for beginners to experienced skill levels outside of Puerto Varas and in the scenic town of Frutillar, about 30 minutes from Puerto Varas. Prices range from 55 to 100 USD depending on the exact option and number of people participating. More information and pictures here and here.

Osorno Volcano:

Experience the adventure of climbing up one of Southern Chile’s most iconic attractions: the Osorno Volcano, considered by experts to be the perfect volcano in terms of shape and color. Enjoy the climbing experience of the Osorno Volcano, with its perfectly snow-capped craters. In order to get to this milestone, we have to travel along the south bank of the Llanquihue Lake for 50 minutes on one of the most scenic roads in the country, winding between green fields and the lakeside landscape. Approaching the base of the volcano, we find the village of Ensenada, which is where we enter the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. On the way up, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the Petrohué Lake, and also see one of the volcano’s inactive craters. Another great experience will be the viewpoints where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Llanquihue Lake and the neighboring volcanoes. At the end of the tour, we will go to a café in a ski resort, where you will have the option to take a chairlift (price not included) to enjoy an unbeatable view of the landscape. Price around 30 USD (depending on number of people). More information and pictures here.

Rafting/Kayaking in the Petrohue River:

Grab a paddle and join us on one of Chile's most beautiful rivers, the Petrohue. A ride down this Class III section of this river provides thrilling adrenaline-rushing rapids, as well as opportunities to float through quiet sections while taking in the splendor of Vicente Perez Rosales National Park. Expert guides lead you down this stretch for approximately 1.5-2 hours, which passes through breathtaking scenery and offers views of volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco, and Puntiagudo. We begin our adventure with a safety briefing. Our trip finishes at the confluence of the river Hueno Hueno at our base to change clothes and enjoy a snack. We will be back in Puerto Varas at the evening. Price around 50-75 USD (depending on number of people). More information and pictures here.


In case you want to stay longer either before or after the conference, it will be possible to do day-long tours to Peulla, Chiloe, etc. If you are interested in any of these tours, please mention it in the comments section of the registration form and we will arrange it for you.


On this excursion, you can sail on the wonderful Todos los Santos Lake, visit the Petrohué Waterfalls and discover Peulla. You cannot leave Chile without sailing on the wonderful Todos los Santos Lake, with its emerald colored waters and its surrounding forests. You can visit the world renowned Petrohué Waterfalls, that flow into a river that runs through beautiful rock formations. Also discover Peulla, a small ecological village of 120 inhabitants, which is on the route of the famous Andean Crossing. After visiting the Petrohué Waterfalls, you will then enjoy a two-hour boat trip on Todos los Santos Lake, taking in the views of the majestic Osorno, Puntiaguado and Tronador volcanoes. However, the adventure does not end when you arrive at Peulla, as there you can choose to take part in a large variety of activities such as canopying, horse riding, and a 4x4 safari, all in a stunning setting that will take your breath away. More information and pictures here.


This adventure will take you to see this active volcano, renowned for its perfect formation, and the famous Petrohué Waterfalls, both important landmarks in Southern Chile. A lake originating from a glacier and an active volcano, famous for its perfectly shaped crater, are two of the attractions you can see with this package. The tour starts on the southern shores of the Llanquihue Lake, where you will learn about the German settlers and agriculture in the zone. Once in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, you will be able to enjoy the imposing Petrohué Waterfalls, which stun visitors with their turquoise waters. From there, we will go on to the origin of the Petrohué River, Todos los Santos Lake, where we will visit some of its sleepy beaches. By then, we will be at the foot of the Osorno Volcano to enjoy a lunch in the village of Ensenada, before continuing up to the ski resort on the volcano. On route, you will be stunned by the panoramic views of the Petrohué River valley and the beautiful Llanquihue Lake. More information and pictures here.


A full day tour visiting the northern part of the mythical island of Chiloé, its stilted houses, its markets and the churches declared as World Heritage sites by Unesco. Leaving from Puerto Varas, we begin our day by taking a boat down the Chacao canal for 30 minutes, where we spot a wide variety of birds, before arriving to the village of Chacao to visit its square and church. We will continue on to Castro to stop for lunch. Then, we will visit the stilted houses of Rio Gamboa, the square and its church which was declared a Unesco World Heritage site. Next, we will visit the recently restored Nercón Church (1890), which is a national monument and is also on Unesco’s protected list. The day continues in Dalcahue, where we stop on the waterfront to take in the wonderful natural landscape and visit the local artisan market, museum and church. More information and pictures here.

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